Reassign Workflow Tasks to Another Member

Reassign all planned or in-progress workflow tasks from one member to another within the member's page. This enables you to reassign tasks to another member as a member of your team leaves your company, changes roles, or moves to a different team.  Planned and in-progress content and initiative assets will be updated along with tasks in workflow templates in settings.  Reassigning tasks to another member will also transfer over saved Insights board that the original member had access to.

To move a member's tasks to a new member:

  1. Navigate to the members tab from the top navigation bar of Kapost 
  2. Locate the member that you'd like to move tasks from and check the box next to their name
  3. Click the More menu at the top
  4. Select Reassign Initiatives, Content & Tasks
  5. Select the new member you'd like to inherit the tasks
  6. Click Reassign



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