February 2017: Canvas, Studio, Gallery, and Insights Updates

Our team has some shiny new features coming over the next couple of weeks. Watch for email announcements letting you know when features are available. Here's a brief overview of upcoming features along with answers to FAQs. 



With Canvas, you can create layered views to visualize alignment with business objectives, ongoing progress, and coverage of initiatives and content across BUs, channels, or any other aspect that's important to you.  

Why should I be excited?

Your team can create plans and charts to represent the essential aspects of your content operation. Whether you structure marketing plans around objectives, themes, personas, business units, product lines, or something else entirely, Canvas utilizes pre-defined custom data to support the execution process.

What does Beta mean?

While our product and engineering teams are busy working on building out even more amazing Canvas features, they wanted you to have a first look! Beta means the feature is still in development and, accordingly, will have frequent updates.  

How do I get Started?

Great Question! Click here for steps to get started with Canvas.

When will I have access to Canvas?

Our team is rolling Canvas out to groups of users over the next several weeks. Keep an eye out for an email that will let you know when you have access.

Where do I learn more? 


Gallery Permissions

With Gallery Permissions, you can curate an even more personal experience for your Gallery users. 

Why should I be excited?

Gallery Permissions give you greater control over access to your content in the Gallery, allowing you to apply permissions at the Collection level.

What do I need to do right away?

Nothing! Good news admins! No need to do anything today. We're migrating all your permissions so that all your users will have the same experience they do today. When you're ready, you can take advantage of the additional permissions.

What might I miss?

Collection Groups will no longer have the toggle to make them public or private and instead will be embedded in your various locations, such as Salesforce or an internal website. Collections now have permissions so that when a user accesses a particular collection group, they'll only see the collections relevant to them. 

Where do I learn more?


Idea Submission for Gallery Improvements

You now have additional control over the default crowdsource form/content type or quick submission form your Gallery users will see by default when submitting ideas.   

What might I miss?

You can set the default crowdsource form/content type or quick submission form for individual users, member groups, or Kapost user roles. Instead of setting idea submission at the collection group level, these are Gallery-wide settings. Also, keep in mind that until you configure idea submission, your users won't be able to submit ideas.   

Where do I learn more?


Insights Revisualizations

Our team has reworked our Insights Dashboard. Now it's cleaner and more readable than ever.

Why should I be excited?

New graphs show your top Gallery sharers and downloaders along with which assets receive the most shares. A healthy competition never hurt anyone! 

There are also several usability improvements. You can now set custom date ranges for your graphs and we've updated graph titles, styles, colors and info icons.  

And finally, after many requests the donuts are back!  These appear on the graphs to identify Gaps in Strategy. 

Where do I learn more?


Document Annotations

Managing review cycles on your documents can be a huge challenge, wasting time and causing frustration. Using email to managing these review cycles makes it incredibly hard to track versions, consolidate comments, and make the necessary updates. Document Annotations allows you to directly mark up documents in Kapost, have threaded conversations, resolve comments and track annotations across versions, giving you one single place to collaborate and execute the review process.

Why should I be excited?

Reviews have never been so simple! This feature will streamline your review process on ANY document.

What I might I miss?

Don't worry, your previously versions didn't go anywhere. They're now available under the more button—just click on View Revisions.

What will I notice right away?

The way versions display, including the file bar on assets, have been updated. All users will see the new toolbar. There are a few new menu items which allow you to:

  • Lock a fileThis prevents any user from uploading, deleting, downloading, or commenting on the file.  Admins and the user who locked the file have the ability to unlock a file.
  • View past revisions - Past revisions no longer display on the page but can be accessed, reviewed, downloaded, deleted, or restored from this menu item.

The uploader icon has also changed. You'll notice a new comment callout, which displays the number of annotations that have been added to the file. Selecting the comment callout takes you into annotation mode where you can markup the document. While the tool has been very intuitive for our Beta users, this is a change your team will notice.   

Where do I learn more?


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