Asset Migration Requirements

In order to start the asset migration process, content types and custom fields need to be ready in the instance. After the instance is prepared with the correct content type templates and custom fields, Kapost will create a bulk upload spreadsheet for you to complete. This spreadsheet will have macros that help users fill out the custom fields associated with each asset according to the values that exist in the instance. Data integrity is very important in this step, so it is not uncommon for issues to arise after the bulk upload sheet has been returned to Kapost. We will notify you of any errors that would cause to migration to fail or other become incomplete. For planning purposes, it is good to anticipate extra time to review the errors that Kapost identifies in the returned data after you send the completed spreadsheet to your CSM.

Mandatory fields on the bulk upload spreadsheet are as follows:

  1. Title
  2. Author and Creator : these fields should reflect an email address of a user in the customer’s instance. They can be two separate user emails, although many people choose the same user email for both fields. If the user email links to a non-admin account, when the data is uploaded some values (like who saved or published the asset) may default to the first Kapost employee that was connected to the instance.
  3. Completed: while this is a fairly simple column, it often gets overlooked. Leaving this column blank or marking as “No” will import the content without any workflow tasks marked as complete. If there is workflow automation for the content type, it will appear as assigned in the existing workflow automation. By marking this column with “Yes,” the content workflow will be automatically marked complete, and the status of the content will switch over to complete as well.

The other columns will represent the other possible fields allowed for each content type. Your CSM can guide you through best practices and frequently asked questions.

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