Using the Salesforce Gallery App as an End User - WITHOUT Content Recommendations

Welcome to the Kapost Gallery for Salesforce.  The Gallery can be used to find, review, and share valuable content with your Salesforce contacts, opportunities, and leads.  

Getting Started

The Kapost Gallery appears in a Salesforce Tab as well as on your Content, Opportunity, and Lead records.  You will need to locate the Gallery and login either via your SSO platform or with your username and password.  The Gallery includes multiple sections.


The first screen you see has content organized into collections. Each collection holds content and has been organized for your team.

Your Favorites

The Your Favorites tab will display all of the content you have favorited. This is an easy and fast way to consume the content you find valuable. To favorite a piece of content, click the heart icon. The count next to the heart icon is counting all Gallery users who have favorited that content asset.


The Trending tab displays the overall the most favorited content - across all Gallery users - for the last 30 days.


To find Content you can search by Keyword using the top search bar.  This search will look for matches within the content asset as well as other key data about the content including field tags.


Up to 5 filters will display at the top of each collection. If more than 5 filters are available you’ll see a more filters option.  Open each filter to choose one or more options.

View Content Details

From within a collection you can hover over the thumbnail of any asset and select View More.  Once you click View More, you will be taken to the content details page which allows you to preview the asset as well as see detailed information.

Sharing Content

From within a collection you can click the Share icon on any asset to distribute content via your own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email accounts.

Downloading Content

From within a collection you can click the Download Icon in the bottom right corner of any asset to download the content to your computer.

Favoriting Content

Click the Favorite icon to add the content to your personal favorites folder. The number next to the heart icon represents how many times the asset has been favorited by authenticated Kapost users.

Record an Activity

When you share content it’s important that you also record that share to Salesforce.

  • Record an activity for a contact or lead:  When prompted, click yes to record an activity in salesforce and to make sure the asset displays under the shared tab.
  • Record an activity for an opportunity:  When prompted, you’ll first need to select the appropriate names and clicking click yes to record an activity in salesforce and to make sure the asset to displays under the shared tab.

Add New Idea

Is there a piece of content that would really help you but you can’t find it?  Submit an idea?  Ideas flow right into the tool your marketers use to create content everyday.

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