Validate Content Scoring

This article outlines how to validate if you have content scoring successfully set up.  For information on how to setup content scoring please click here.

The last step to setting up content scoring is to configure Kapost with the appropriate stages and connect them with salesforce reports. Once you've set up your Salesforce reports and aligned them with stages in your Marketing Automation Platform, you can save your report. You will then be prompted to validate your Salesforce reports.


Kapost will take a few minutes to validate your reports.

If you have a report that is invalid, you will see this prompt.  Click "more details" to see which parts of the report you need to fix.


When you click "more details," you will see a list of invalid fields on the report in question.


You will want to resolve any conflicts that come up.  When the reports are successfully configured you will see a message that all of your reports are valid:


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