Salesforce Gallery App Update

Do you use the Content Recommendations section in the Salesforce Gallery App? Then this update is for you!


These two small updates streamline the browsing experience for your Salesforce users. The better their experience, the more likely they are to use your content!

What Changed

With content recommendations turned on in your Salesforce Gallery App you will notice two changes Kapost Gallery within a Contact, Lead or Opportunity.

Change 1: Our team has removed the Home tab that gave a preview of your Recommended, Shared and Trending content, so you will now be brought directly to the Recommended tab upon navigating to that section.

Change 2: We also added a Collections tab which gives users access to the Gallery Experience you curated on your Collection Group.  Most customers have a tab in Salesforce with this experience already available.  Now it's embedded in Contact, Lead and Opportunity records as well.

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