Product Updates - Week of March 27th

Inventory Tab new in Insights

Understanding what content you have—and where gaps exist—is critical to a functional content operation. Kapost is able to uniquely help our customers identify where organizations have coverage and where there are gaps. In order to organize these concepts within our Insights tool, we have released a new tab within Insights called Inventory.

  • The Strategy Coverage graph that was previously on our Production tab (called "Gaps in Strategy") has moved to the new Inventory tab.
  • There are now statistics that show how much content you have, and if it's planned, in progress, or complete.
  • An option to add multi-select and drop-down custom fields to the graphs is now available. In Custom Field Settings, simply check the "Show this field as an option in the Insights Dashboard" box when editing your custom field, and it will appear as options in the Strategy Coverage graph.

Keep an eye out for additional graphs coming in the next couple of weeks that will further enable you to track the health of your content coverage in addition to your content operation. For more information about Insights click here.


Custom Fields Updates

Custom fields just got a makeover!  Custom fields are a foundational piece of your Kapost instance, used to help you organize, search, filter, and report on ideas, content, and initiatives. Our team has been working hard to improve that foundation; you'll see many enhancements in the upcoming months. The first one you'll notice is an updated custom field settings page, which will make adding and updating fields a better experience. You'll also see a few small updates to how custom fields display on ideas, content, and initiatives. 

Why should I be excited?

So many reasons!

  • Your custom field settings page is much easier to use.
    • You can now edit custom field values without losing your data! Renaming or editing a value in a drop-down or multi-select list is super simple and will be retroactively applied anywhere it's used. That means any content, idea, or initiatives along with saved views and custom reports that use the value will be updated automatically—no retagging required! 
    • The number of content and initiatives types where a custom field is used is now easily visible in the custom fields settings page. Without expanding each field the number will appear on the right-hand side of each field.


    • Have you ever wanted to give your users more guidance on how to use a field other than the field title? You can now add descriptions to custom fields, which users will be able to view when filling them out.  Here's what it looks like in settings.


                And here's what it will look like when your users fill out fields.


  • Some small design changes should improve your overall experience.
    • We've made the initiative page and preview pane cleaner. Fields that haven't been filled out won't take up space on the page, and you'll be able to easily see the number of empty fields.


    • Multi-select fields have been updated, so you'll be able to select multiple values with fewer clicks.


Where do I learn more?


Document Annotations Improvements

We've made a few tweaks to this recently released feature based on your feedback. You should continue to see minor improvements in the future as we work to make this feature even better. 

  • We've made it easier to access annotations when viewing past revisions. Now when you're looking at the revision history of a file, any past revision that has unresolved annotations on it can be opened directly in annotation mode. 
  • With new features, there is always a risk of a few bugs slipping though. We've resolved some issues related to scrolling and annotation mode for email approvers.  


New Permission Options

We're currently researching and planning the future of permissions across Kapost. As we complete more in depth research and planning around the full scope of that project, we wanted to give you a few new options when it comes to managing what users can do in Kapost.

  • Deleting content - We've heard concerns over how easy it is for anyone to delete things like content.  We've made an adjustment so that only admins and owners have the ability to delete initiatives, content and ideas.
  • Creating content - As an organization with various teams, you may have initiative and content types that really only apply to certain users. We have added a permission setting that allows you to define who can create certain content and initiative types. This does not limit the ability to view content and initiative types, only the ability to create them.  Keep in mind you could remove all users from being able to create a content type in order to prevent that content type from being used moving forward. This is a great way to archive a content type.  For more information please click here.  
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