Customer Health Release


Every quarter we set aside time to work on feature requests from customers. These requests are often small pieces of work that provide significant value to users.

Here's what has changed:

  • Task descriptions - many users have communicated that it would be great to add more context to a task whether it be a description, further instructions or a checklist. Now, you'll be able to add customized descriptions to workflow tasks to provide further clarity.
  • Task deletion warning - There are tasks that can have deadline dependencies with other tasks and when these tasks are deleted, it can create some problems. Now you'll be warned if you try to delete one of these tasks.
  • Initiative start and end dates - You will be able to leave a start and/or end date blank on an Initiative rather than a date automatically being populated. This should be helpful when tracking evergreen Initiatives that don't necessarily have an end date.
  • Initiative titles - If you have long Initiative titles, you've probably noticed some issues on the page. We've fixed how we display and truncate titles to make this look much better.
  • LinkedIn expiration - LinkedIn's API requires the token to be updated from time to time. When the token is close to expiring, we'll send a notification to the appropriate user to the update the connection so that you don't have to deal with a disconnected app.
  • Body on shared calendar views - When a calendar view is shared with non Kapost users, they are only able to see custom field values today. Now, when content is completed, they will also be able to see the actual content, whether that be a blog post or file.
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