New Graphs in the Inventory Tab

A healthy content organization must know how much content they have across critical attributes such as product line, geography, and business unit. Additionally, there must be alignment across a marketing organization to ensure that content is both planned and on message. Kapost is uniquely able to provide insight into the health of an organization's content inventory. Our team has released two new graphs to the Inventory tab that unlock this insight:

  • Alignment to Initiatives: Organizations leveraging Kapost will use Initiatives to ensure their content is on message and being produced in alignment with high-level business priorities. This graph enables users to see how much of their content is in at least one initiative, further enabling teams to dig into how much of their content is meeting a specific objective. 
  • Alignment to Strategic Fields: This graph lets users choose a field and understand how much of your content is tagged with those values.  This enables teams to determine what content exists.  Please be aware that an admin will need to flag the fields you'd like to appear in the Insights tab in your custom fields settings.  To allow custom fields to appear admins can follow these steps:

                           1.  Click on Studio
                           2.  Choose Settings > Custom fields
                           3.  For each field you'd like to display click the pencil icon to edit > check the box for                                                      "Show this field as an option in the Insights Dashboard"
                           4.  Click Save

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