May Insights Updates

New Insights Graph

A new graph called Content Field Health has been added to Insights.  This graph allows you to see how well your content is tagged today.  Each field receives a grade A-F allowing you to see how well that field is being used.  

The health grades are as follows: 
A - 85 - 100%
B - 70 - 85%
C - 50 - 70%
D - 30 - 50%
F - 0 - 30%

Keep in mind that this graph only shows a current snapshot of how well your content is tagged today, it does not respond to the date range chosen at the top of the page.

Other updates to Insights:

  • We have renamed the Production tab to Operations.  This new term reframes the tab to broaden the types of internal Kapost metrics available.  We now have the opportunity to expand the charts to include insight the entire content operation in addition to the charts that were previously available.
  • On the Reach tabs, summary metrics will be available at the bottom of each chart rather than in a blue bar at the top of the page

  • Persona and Buying stage fields will now only be options in the graphs for users who are leveraging that tool in Kapost

  • Categories will no longer be an available field in most Insights graphs

  • You can now filter the Average Time to Produce Content graph by custom fields


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