Catalog Export and Bulk Action Updates

Content Catalog Export:

The Kapost content catalog allows you to customize views of your content. You can filter for the appropriate assets and change what columns are visible. You can also export catalog views to a CSV file, and now the export will ONLY include the columns that you have selected in your view!  

For more information on creating saved views click here.  Once your view is created you will be able to easily export it.



Content Catalog Bulk Actions:

Any functions in Kapost that can be done in bulk save us all huge amounts of time. One of the bulk actions that's available is the ability to associate content, in bulk, with initiatives. We have made this option a main menu item under the bulk actions menu on the content catalog. Follow these instructions to associate content with an initiative:

1.  Select the appropriate content in the content catalog by clicking the boxes next to each asset you want to associate with an initiative

2.  Choose Bulk Actions at the top of the column

3.  Choose Add Initiative

4.  Search for and select the appropriate initiative(s) and click Submit.




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