Gallery Auto Add Rules

Gallery Auto Add Rules

As an admin, you have the ability to configure auto add rules in Gallery that will sort content into the right collection for you. This feature saves you the time and effort of manually adding content to specific collections.

To set up auto add rules, go to Gallery then click Manage Content in the upper-right hand corner. Next, select the collection from the list on the left hand side that you would like to create auto add rules for. Once you have selected a collection, click Settings in the upper-right hand corner.

On the Settings page, scroll down until you see Collection Rules. Notice the toggle for Auto Add Content. When this toggle is turned on, any new content fitting the below rules will be automatically added to this collection. When this toggle is turned off, any new content fitting the below rules will need to be manually accepted or dismissed before being added to this collection. You will receive in app alerts with the option to add the content to the collection.

These rules operate based on the custom field tags associated with your content. For example, let’s say you want all blog post and infographic content tagged with the region EMEA to auto add to a specific collection. Simply select Content Type from the first dropdown and multi-select blog post and infographic from the second dropdown for Rule 1. Under Rule 2, you will select region for the first dropdown and EMEA for the second dropdown. Now, all content that fits these rules will automatically add to this collection once you select Add to Gallery from the Studio for that content.

Please note, when setting up auto add rules, it is important to remember the following four guidelines.

Auto Add Rules

  1. When you create a collection and rules, it evaluates all content to see what fits and it puts it into the collection. Sorting can take up to 5 minutes so be patient.  
  2. When you add new content to the gallery, it also gets evaluated to go into collections where it fits the rules.
  3. If you add a rule to a collection that already existed, it looks at all content in the Gallery to find all content that fits the new rules. Keep in mind no content will be REMOVED from the collection even if it no longer fits the rules. Kapost currently does not have removal rules.
  4. If you update a meta-data tag on content that fits a rule but it has already been evaluated, it will not go into a collection where the rule fits because the collection doesn’t know to re-evaluate it.

If you have multiple rules set up, then those rules function as AND (ex: A post must be a blog post content type AND have the persona CMO AND buying stage Consideration tagged). If the rule has multiple tags within it, that acts as an OR (ex: A post must be a blog post OR graphic OR collateral AND have the persona CMO).

We know that as marketers you will want to update your custom fields to fit your content strategy. As you make these updates, you'll want to remember to adjust your collections appropriately. The best practice is to simply re-create any collection with new rules and delete the old collection to streamline the content available in the Gallery.

*If you are undergoing a large manual re-tagging effort or adjustment in your taxonomy and need assistance, please consult your CSM.

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