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How is your team executing against strategy? How does the content you create align with your objectives? The tactical execution of strategy is essential to marketing success—yet seems so difficult. 

Kapost's Canvas tool creates layered views to visualize alignment with business objectives, ongoing progress, and coverage of content across BUs, channels, or any other aspect that's important to you.  

With Matrix charts, your team can create charts to represent the essential aspects of your content operation. Whether you structure marketing plans around objectives, themes, personas, business units, product lines, key dates, or something else entirely, Canvas utilizes pre-defined custom data to support the execution process.  

With Timeline charts your team can visualize how intiatives line up in time and click in to see details about the associated deliverables.

Bonus: Kapost also handles the actual content execution. Accordingly, content is ready and waiting to be worked on in Studio as soon as plans are created in Canvas. Canvas will automatically update in line with any and all changes. Because these updates happen in real time, you and your team can stay organized to communicate effectively with stakeholders. 


Using Canvas


Canvas is a tool that shows various plans. For each plan, you can create many views to show a subset of details. Plans group these views together to communicate a set of goals or to demonstrate how you are executing a strategy, e.g., quarterly marketing plan. 

You can limit what types of users can create and edit plans. To find this setting, select Canvas from the top menu bar and then choose Settings in the upper, right-hand corner. Check the box to allow editors to create and edit plans and matrix views. Uncheck the box to limit these functions to admins.

Note: Admins and Editors are the only members with access to the Canvas tab. Please refer to this help article for more information about member permissions.

Creating or editing a new plan within Canvas:

  1. In your Kapost instance, navigate to Canvas in the top navigation bar
  2. Click the + icon to create a new plan. You can then enter a title or click on an existing plan and select Edit


Editing Options:

  • Click the Title box to edit the title; then click Save
  • Click the trashcan icon to delete the plan. Confirm by clicking Delete. Note: Deleting a plan will not delete its corresponding initiatives or content assets. Instead, it will delete any charts associated with the plan

Click the attachments tab and select the Upload icon to add file attachments to plans.


Charts allow you to visualize information and better understand a plan. You have two options of types of charts:  Timeline or Matrix charts.  Please see the appropriate article for learning more about each of these types of charts:

1. Using Matrix charts

2.  Using Timeline charts

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