Canvas has a New Tool! TIMELINE!

Kapost's newest tool, Canvas, allows marketers to simply and dynamically visualize, communicate, and track their strategic plans. It's a single place where users can get out of the weeds and granular details of Studio, and see a high level view of what their organization has coming down the pipeline, what's currently being executed, and what has been completed.

If you've taken advantage of the Matrix charts within Canvas, you've uncovered how to visualize gaps in your content strategy, track the lifecycle of initiatives and content, and compare priorities against information that is important to you.

Now we're excited to add a HUGE new addition to the tool called Timeline! 

If you've spent hours developing and updating gantt like views in a spreadsheet, you'll be relieved by the ease of creating a Timeline in Canvas. With this new addition, you'll be able to view your initiatives by year, quarter, month or week, and easily see the progression of content associated to these initiatives. Timeline helps you get ahead of important dates, and see where work may overlap or where resources may be strained, enabling you to take more control over the execution of your strategy.

Click here for a full how-to article 

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