Gallery Enhancements 7/10

Our Gallery team has been working on a set of changes to make Gallery even easier to use.  Many of these improvements focus on your ability to organize content for the Gallery while working within the Studio.  

Here is a list of the changes you'll see in Studio that are related to the Gallery:

Gallery Section Display:  The Gallery section inside a post's Studio Content Details page will now always show, regardless if the content is published or not.  Previously this section only showed once content was in a published state.

Add To Gallery Button Moved:  The Add to Gallery button has been redesigned with a new icon and brought into the Gallery section on each content asset instead of being at the top.  

Download and Share Settings:  In the Gallery section you can now adjust share and download permissions in addition to a thumbnail and notes.

Access to Gallery Links:  The Gallery Bitly link can now be accessed from Studio by clicking on the share icon. This highly requested feature is available after the content is added to the Gallery.  Clicking on the share icon will give you the ability to copy the or share via social channels.

See the Collections where Content Displays:  Once the asset is added to Gallery there will be a section that shows what Collections this asset is added to.

  • Please note that Collection Permissions limit what collections your studio users will see indicated.  
  • Please note that if a studio user does not have access to a particular collection they will not see it listed even if that asset is currently available.  Admins will be able to click on the Collection names to be taken to its Manage page in Gallery.


Admins can Organize Content from Studio:  From the Gallery section inside of Studio, admins will have access to an Add to Existing Collections button that allows the admin to add or remove content from any of the existing collections.

Here is a list of additional changes to Gallery:

Pinned Content:  From a Collection's manage screen in Gallery, you'll be able to pin content so it always appears at the top of the collection regardless of how the collection is sorted.  You can pin a maximum of 60 pieces of content per collection and sort them in a specific order for your end users.



Share/Embed Collections in addition to Collection Groups:  This highly requested change allows you to share or embed the collection pages themselves instead of just Collection Groups.  This gives you the flexibility to embed at whatever level makes sense for your organization.



New Sorting Options: The ability for end users to sort content when in a Collection view is now here.  At the top of a Collection page, use the "Sort By" drop down to select if you would like to view the content by: Date added to Collection (our default sort), updated date, published date or alphabetical by title.


REMOVED FUNCTIONALITY: Please note that the ability to drag content into Collections via the Gallery sidebar is no longer available.  To add content to Collections, you'll instead use the drop down menus.


Permissions for Editors to manage the Gallery: This highly requested update gives Admins the option to let Editors manage content in the Gallery.  The setting can be found in Gallery Settings, under the Permissions tab.


Gallery Settings button: We have added a Settings button to the top of the page in Manage Content, to make it easier for Admins to access that page from the areas they frequent in Gallery.


Separate share and download columns on content: Share and download buttons deserve their own place on content when in the Collection view.  We have separated these buttons so they have their own dedicated columns when in both row and tile view.


As always, please contact with any questions.

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