Salesforce Gallery App Changes - Including Content Recommendations

The Gallery team has been hard at work developing a number of updates related to the Salesforce Gallery App (SFGA) and how recommendations function.  These updates make it so the Gallery App now:

  • Supports customers with multiple Salesforce instances, including tests with Salesforce Sandbox instances
  • Allows customers to create unique content recommendation mappings for each Salesforce Gallery App instance
  • Recommendation mappings now include more SFDC field types to allow for more flexibility
  • Enhanced recommendations and activity reporting for Contacts, Leads and Opportunities within SFGA


A detailed list of the updates are available below.

  • We support content recommendation mappings for multiple Salesforce integrations
    • Multiple Salesforce integrations can now be supported with their own unique recommendation mappings.
    • You are able to choose which Salesforce integration in Kapost you want to create and edit recommendation mappings for within the Salesforce Mappings tab in Gallery Settings.
    • If you already have more than one Salesforce integration and had mappings set up already for one of them, those mappings will still be available when you select that Salesforce instance in the new dropdown on the Salesforce Mappings tab.
  • We support more field types for recommendation mappings
    • Picklist (Multi-Select) fields from Salesforce will now appear in your recommendation mapping dropdowns. This is an expansion from the Picklist fields that we already pull in today.
    • Lookup Relationship fields from Salesforce (parent/child fields) will also now appear in your recommendation mapping dropdowns.  These types of fields map to Objects in Salesforce, and enable you to have more mature mappings as a result.
  • We support smarter recommendations and better activity reporting within SFGA
    • Contact field mappings will now weigh into recommendations seen at the Opportunity level.  SFGA will now recommend content based on both the Opportunity mappings and related Contact mappings when on an Opportunity.
    • Currently, when a Lead is converted to a Contact, the Activity History data in Salesforce moves over to the Contact.  Now, we also denote in the Comments section of any recorded activity if the receiver was a Lead, Contact or Opportunity (shared with a Contact from the Opportunity tab) at the time of the share.  This helps to keep your records more completely intact for reporting.
    • When recording an activity for Contacts from the Opportunity tab, those activities are now recorded within the Opportunity’s Activity History.  We will also continue to record the activity on the Contact’s Activity History as well, as it does today.


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