Internal - Support Priority 0 Procedures

  1. Tell the Engineering team RIGHT AWAY and IN PERSON. They may already know about it, but if they don't they'll want to start working on it immediately.
  2. Start an email thread with the heads of Product and heads of Success to figure out messaging around the bug. Include the associated Product Manager, and if needed Jason Slay and Baxter Grace.  Be sure to also include Nader Akhnoukh​, Ryan Flynn​ and Diane Gomez ​.
  3. After determining the above details, write out a canned response for anyone who submits a ticket about the issue. Use this template (make a copy) to assure we are addressing all important points of communication, and share it with everyone mentioned here who may contribute. Check with heads of Product and heads of Success before sending it to anyone to assure the right level of detail.
  4. Log in to the Kapost Status page through bitium and leave an update.
  5. Send a tweet from the Support Twitter Account letting people know what's up. You should be able to get the credentials from Bitium.
  6. Post a summary in the #customersuccess channel and #support channel in Slack, using the "@channel" tag.
  7. Make a bug in Jira. Label it "Support" and "Priority 0."
  8. As new customers write in, add their company names as labels and add the ZenDesk case to the ticket.
  9. Add the ticket-type label "Mass Issue," to each one. This will put them in the mass issues folder.
  10. Very important - make sure each case that comes in marked Urgent in ZenDesk.
  11. Send the canned response to each person who writes in.
  12. Once the issue is fixed, write out a canned "it's fixed" note. Mass-update all cases in the mass issue folder as "solved" and send the note.
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