Creating Saved Boards

The Saved Boards feature gives users the ability to create Insights boards, add various charts with pre-selected filters to them, manage who can access them, and more. This enables Kapost users to see their most important charts all in one place.

You can access this feature by clicking on the Saved Boards tab in the Insights app. When you navigate to the Saved Boards tab for the first time, click on the "Get Started" button to start creating boards. If you have already created or have access to a board, click on the green + sign on the top righthand corner of the page to create more boards.

In the pop-up, you'll fill out the information for your new board: choose a title, a board color, and add a description if you'd like to.

Once you click "Create board," you'll enter the board and then be able to add a Content Chart, an Initiative Chart, or an Adoption Chart:

You can also add a chart by clicking "Add Chart," located at the top left hand side of the page.

Once you choose a chart type to create, you will see you will see groups of similar types of charts within each tab. 

The tabs available for Content Charts are Inventory, Operations, Internal Reach, and External Reach:

The tabs available for Initiative Charts are Inventory and Operations:

The tab currently available for Adoption Charts is Members:


If you want to switch to a different type of chart (Content, Initiative, or Adoption) within the modal, you can click on the chart type at the top of the modal to open a dropdown where you can select the chart type you wish to add. Or, you can click the "Select a different chart type" button at the bottom.

Use the tabs to select the kind of chart, and what it will measure, you would like to add, then add it to your board.

Once you've added your chart, you can use the sidebar to make adjustments. This sidebar will appear anytime you click on a chart. To close it, click the x on the top right.

You can make adjustments using any dropdown filters that appear on the edit panel, as well as the Filters feature which will give you a selection of all available filters. You can also edit the title and descriptions of each chart on a board. To learn about the adjustments supported by each chart, read this article. The adjustments you make to each chart will stay in place when you click the save button, and will remain anytime you access the board.

Clicking on the "Settings" button at the top of the page will open up the settings for your board. Here, you can change the board's name, change the board’s color, add, edit, or remove the board’s description, and add, remove, and rearrange charts.

Any time you make changes to your board or the charts within it, click the green save button on the top right of the page before navigating away.

Once you've saved your board, you can exit edit mode by clicking the back button to view the board in preview mode. Your charts will appear in the order in which you added them and all of your saved changes will be applied.

You can add multiple charts at one time within a Saved Board in Insights. Add the same chart multiple times, or multiple different charts.



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