Making your Custom Fields Required

Having data integrity in Kapost is key to making sure you have a healthy content inventory.  One of the best ways to ensure you have good data is to require your users to fill in the fields that are most important to your organization.  

For instructions on using required tasks in content workflows, read this article


Custom Field Settings

First you'll need to visit Settings >> Custom Fields and open the field you'd like to be required by clicking on the pencil icon.  


Then you'll check the box next to Mandatory.  


Your users will be reminded to fill in their custom fields when they publish an asset but they will be able to override the reminder.

Enforce your Required Fields 

Now you'll need to decide when your user should not be able to continue without filling in the critical information you need to collect about your content.  To adjust this setting go to settings >> Content and scroll to the When mandatory fields are empty field.   


You can make it so required fields must be filled out before an idea is submitted, content is submitted, or content is published.  This means your users can not push the submit or publish button on the idea or content unless fields are filled out (whichever you have indicated in your settings).


Read more about custom fields on content and initiatives here.


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