Recent Release Roundup - November 2017

Insights: Saved Boards

Saved Insight Boards creates a way for everyone in Kapost to be kept up to date with the Insights data that matters most to them. These boards can be created, pre-filtered, and shared with logged-in users as needed. 


Studio: Idea and Initiative Catalog exports

Now, the Idea and Initiative Catalogs can be exported just like the Content Catalog.  


Studio: Quarterly Health Work 

This was a huge release, including:


Gallery: Content Recommendations and Salesforce

Content recommendations will now support multiple Salesforce instances from the same Kapost instance. This means that if you have multiple Salesforce instances but only one Kapost instance, you’ll now be able to take advantage of the Salesforce Kapost Gallery App’s recommendations tool.


Gallery/Studio Enhancements

These enhancements in the Gallery section of an asset’s Content Details page in Studio make it even easier to prepare content for the Gallery and make sure it’s organized correctly into collections.


Gallery: Permissions Update

Permission for Admins to give Editors Manage Content access in the Gallery. To make this change click on settings in Studio >>Gallery Settings >>the Permissions Tab and check the box under User Permissions.


Gallery: Ability to Embed a Single Collection

I know so many of you were waiting for this option! Now you can embed a single collection in addition to collection groups.  


Gallery: Updated Auto Rules for Collections

These updated rules for how content gets sorted in Gallery will make things feel more seamless. For details click here.


Gallery: Choose which Document Previews in Gallery

This allows you to have one document previewing and downloading in Gallery while your team uploads new documents as they work to refresh the same document.

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