New Options for Gallery - Manage Social Sharing Settings and Allow Editors to Manage Gallery

For all of you who love the Kapost Gallery, we have released two great updates to help make managing content easier.

First, you can now control sharing options with more precision.  

Have you ever thought that a certain channel doesn't make sense for a piece of content?  For example, certain assets may be perfect for LinkedIn but not ideal for Facebook or Twitter.  Do you use another tool for social sharing and you just want end users to grab the but never click on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter from the Gallery?  Do you only want Gallery users to have access to the but never see the Publish URL?

This new setting will allow you to to granularly define which channels should be used within the Gallery to share contentClick here for detailed instructions on how to update this setting.

Second, the Gallery is now also available to be managed by users with editor level permission in Kapost. This setting enables more team members to curate content within Manage Content of the Gallery and can be adjusted by Admins within the Gallery Settings area.  Click here for detailed information about Gallery Settings.


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