Filtering and Searching for Content in a Collection

Enter a Gallery Collection to see all the content in the Collection.

To find the content asset you're looking for, you can narrow your search by using the filtering options that appear beneath the name of the Collection. 

Use the dropdown menus to select the filtering options desired. The number of content assets displaying in the Collection will decrease based on the filter selected.

Filters available for filtering within a Collection can vary based on the collection configuration established by the Kapost Admin.

Learn how to make custom fields available in Gallery then add them to the collection as Custom Filters as seen in the screenshot above. 


In addition, from within a Collection you can sort your search results for the content in the Collection. Once you enter in a search term, your results will sort by relevancy by default and provide content relevant to your search term.


To filter your search results differently, choose an option from the dropdown menu next to the search area.


You can also search within the Collections tab in Gallery to narrow down your results and quickly find the Collection you’re looking for.



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