Gallery Settings: Collections

A Gallery Collection is a group of related content assets. Content assets can belong to one or more Collection. The system prevents an asset from being duplicated in the same collection.


Steps to create a new Gallery Collection

  1. Navigate Gallery Settings by clicking Manage Content.
  2. Click New Collection. 
  3. Enter a title for the new collection and click Create Collection.


Adding content to a collection

One or more pieces of content can be selected from the All Content listing and added to one or more Gallery Collections. A content asset cannot be added to a collection twice.

To add content to a Gallery Collection, use the dropdown menu method:

  1. Make sure All Content is selected on the top left. 
  2. Filter by field tags at the top to find the correct content. (Selecting the None value will bring up all content that is not tagged with a value from that field tag.)
  3. Select content asset(s) by clicking on the asset title(s).
  4. Select the folder icon, then select Add to an Existing Collection.
  5. Select the appropriate collection(s) then click Add.

To create a new collection with the selected assets, click Add to a New Collection, then Title the collection and click Create Collection. 

When content belongs to more than one Gallery Collection the All Content listing will indicate the Gallery Collections to which the content has been added. Hovering your mouse over the Gallery Collection(s) indicator will display the collections to which the content has been added.

To delete, edit settings, or preview a collection, select the collection from the list of existing collections then select the appropriate icon in the top right corner. To edit the title of the collection, select the pencil icon next to the title. Edit then click save.

Removing content from a Gallery Collection

  1. Select the correct Collection from the list of existing collections.
  2. Select the asset(s) to remove by clicking the check boxes next to the asset(s).
  3. Select the trash can icon. 
  4. Click remove to confirm. 

Removing content from a collection does not remove the content from the Gallery.


Find information on Bundles in Gallery here.



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