Integrate with Drupal 6

This will walk you through about how to integrate Kapost with Drupal 6. 

First you will need to enable the blog api module.  You can do this by going to 'Administer' -> 'Site Building' -> 'Modules' and checking off BlogAPI

You'll need to adjust your Drupal site to allow it to have another site connecting to it.  This means, adjusting these settings:

and choosing what size images you'll want to upload from Kapost.  If you're using large images, we suggest you put 4MB here to ensure nothing gets blocked:

Please also do the above step for the authenticated user section, which can be found below file settings, as well.
There are a few permissions that must be set up as well. Under 'Administer' -> 'User Management' -> 'Permissions' please make sure that 'administer content with blog api' is checked for the 'authenticated user'

Second, you'll need to go to Kapost and connect it to your Drupal site.  To get to this setting, you'll need to log in to Kapost as an Admin.  Once there, hit the "Settings" tab.  When in Settings, click the "Integration" tab. Click the "Connect Site" button and you'll see some fields showing you how to connect to Drupal. 

When connecting a user in this area, you must use a user who has access to publish through the BlogAPI. 

Third, you'll need to install the Kapost Byline Module.  This step is optional but it is a good idea if you want the user's author name to be the same as the author name in Kapost.  If the author does not exist in Drupal, this module will create the user in Drupal. 

To get the module, download the plugin labeled "Drupal 6" on our plugins page into your Drupal System.  Then, in the Drupal admin panel, at Administrator > Site Building > Modules, you should enable the Kapost module.  

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