Integrate with Squarespace 5

This article explains how to integrate with Squarespace 5. 

Note: Squarespace 6 has removed their XMLRPC and REST API capabilities, which is the way we connect to all CMS platforms. If this changes and the API is enabled, we can build in an integration with Squarespace 6.

To begin integrating with Squarespace 5 please follow this step by step article to connect to your CMS.

The last step will ask you to choose which Kapost instance you want to connect to. Choose your Kapost instance and click Install. You will be taken back to the App Center and prompted to provide your Squarespace credentials.


  1. The name you want to appear in the list of connections in the Kapost App Center. We recommend something clear and concise that this is your Squarespace integration.
  2. Your Squarespace URL.
  3. Your subdomain, which is the name or word in your URL that appears before .squarespace.  
  4. Your password.

Click connect.

Once you are connected, set up Squarespace as the  Primary Destination for the corresponding Content Type. You can add multiple Squarespace blogs to a single content type if you would like to publish to multiple blogs at once.

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