Integrate With SEO Plug-ins in Wordpress

Currently, Kapost allows you to integrate with:

Yoast (Wordpress)

All in One SEO (Wordpress) 
Genesis Theme SEO (Wordpress)
SEO Ultimate (Wordpress)

Both Yoast and All in One SEO require you to make special custom fields with specific field names in Kapost to make the integration run smoothly.


To create custom fields please read this article. To integrate custom fields with these plug-ins please see detailed instructions below. 

For the All In One SEO, you must have the fields below: 

# All In One SEO

To add "_aioseop_title", click "Add Custom Field". This will reveal a form, please fill out this form. For this integration to work, "_aioseop_title" must be in "Field Name", for example: 

Click "Create a Custom field" and create Custom Fields for "_aioseop_description" and "_aioseop_keywords". You must have all three fields for these to push through to Wordpress.

Please follow the same steps above for the Yoast SEO. The fields below are the required fields.
# Yoast SEO

These first four fields are handled by the built-in SEO integration. (if you select the YOAST 'plugin' on the SEO tab in settings)


These fields must be added as separate custom fields with the field_name set to any of these. For Yoast SEO, your Custom Fields should have the below fields:

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