Integrate with Jive

Kapost can integrate with versions of Jive starting from 2016.3.8.1 up to the latest.  If you are unsure of your current version, you can check it by going to this link:

Please note, the Jive user whose account you choose to connect in Kapost must be either an admin or have special permissions to update add-ons.


Here are the steps needed to take in order to integrate your Kapost instance with Jive.

1. Install the Jive Add-on

Before you can connect with Jive in the Kapost App Center, you need to install our Jive Add-on, which will be used during the “OAuth” authorization flow.

Our Jive Addon can be downloaded from the following link: 

Once downloaded, the Jive user you are planning on connecting to Kapost must take the following steps:

  • From account information, select Add-ons under the Manage section

  • Select Upload Package

  • Upload the add-on zip file and select install now


2. Connecting in the Kapost App Center

After these steps have been followed, you will need to copy the Client ID and Client Secret from the Add-on in Jive - these will be needed when you install Jive in the Kapost App Center. 

You can find them by clicking on the "action" button associated with the add-on, and clicking "view client ID and secret."  



3. Install your Jive integration in the Kapost App Center

First, go to your Settings bar and click on the App Center.  Select Jive from the list of options.


Select your instance from the dropdown menu and click "install." 

The next step is to enter in the credentials of the user you have chosen to integrate with Jive.  Use the Client ID and Client Secret that you obtained in Step 2 of this article to fill out those fields on the credentials pop-up.


After all the fields have been completed, click "Connect". Your destination will then have a green dot next to it if the connection was successful.

After the OAuth flow is complete the user has been authorized, you will be redirected to Kapost and greeted with the following popup, where you can choose the blog your Jive integration will publish content to.


Finally, add Jive as a primary publishing destination to an HTML content type that will be used to publish to the Jive blog.

Additional Notes - Jive Integration Capabilities:

You can publish HTML content to any Jive space in Jive.  The content will appear as a blog, not as a document, discussion or other Jive content type.

We cannot:

  • Publish as a draft from Kapost to Jive. The two options are to publish straight to live and/or schedule out the post itself from Kapost. Having it sit in a draft queue within Jive first, isn't an option. 
  • The Kapost analytics are stripped from the body when it moves over to Jive. Even when you try and cut and paste manually, Jive will strip the analytics code. There is the possibility to take our analytics code and white list it (on your end). Kapost can help assist you in this.
  • Images will not be stored within Jive. You can see them stored in Kapost and when you push over they will be in the blog post, but they won't be stored in the Jive media library.
  • Author bylines do not move over from Kapost. This is out of Kapost's hands unfortunately but we have a few options that may be work arounds. You could make multiple destination connections in Kapost under Settings>Distribution and do one for each author, meaning it would publish over whichever destination you picked, by the author. Another option is a quick hack to the API to enable switching authors based on email addresses. Something similar has been discussed on the Jive Forums (

If you have any questions to the limitations, based on Jive's API please don't hesitate to reach out.





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