Integrate with Brightcove

Go to the App Center in your Settings area.

Scroll down below existing connections and select Install More Apps.

Select the Brightcove icon. Select your Kapost instance then click install.

You will be asked for several things:

  • Write Token
  • Read Token (With URL Access)
  • Player ID
  • Player Key (optional)

To find the Write and Read Token, inside of Brightcove you must go to "Account Settings" and then "API Management"

Once on this page, you will see a few tokens. For Write, copy and paste the "Write" Token in the appropriate field in Kapost

Similar as the Write Token, grab the "Read Token" with URL Access and paste that into the Read field inside of Kapost.

Lastly, you will want to grab the "Player Key". This can be found by going to your "Publishing" folder in Brightcove and looking at your video Player. We have a Chromeless Video Player we want to use for our Kapost videos, therefore in this help article I will use Chromeless as the given example. You will find the "Player ID" next to the player you want to use.

Grab this number and put it into the Player ID field inside of Kapost:

The Player Key is optional but to find this you will need to go to an existing video and in the right module select a player (given example is Chromeless Video Player)

Then copy the embed code to your clipboard

Paste your embed code into any text editor and find the playerKey value:

The Player Key in the example above is: AQ~~,AAACGhCQ7rk~,Gsmj4nLylrN6f72qz7tQ-yUfeapec5Lm

Paste this into the appropriate field inside of Kapost Settings.

Note: This is an optional field but you can use it for more advanced player options

Once you have the required fields filled in, hit save and voila you are connected! Don't forget to make this a primary destination for a video content type. You can see how to do that here

You can also set up several Brightcove features using Kapost Custom Fields - below are the field names you will need to use when creating these:

  • Short Description: kapost_brightcove_short_description  (if no short description is defined then it will use the content title)
  • Long Description: kapost_brightcove_long_description
  • Link URL: kapost_brightcove_link_url
  • Link Text: kapost_brightcove_link_text
  • Override the post title in Kapost: kapost_brightcove_name
  • Tags: you can use our tags, but you can use kapost_brightcove_tags, if you want.
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