Connecting to Google Sites

Go to the App Center in your Settings area.

Scroll down below existing connections and select Install More Apps.

Select the Google Sites icon. 

A new window will open after clicking this. If you are not already logged into Gmail, it will prompt you to login. Once you are logged in it will ask for permissions for Kapost, accept these permissions.

You will see a new Google Sites account listed in your distributions. 

If you have multiple Google Sites, you will be prompted to select which site you want to connect to: 

You can add a new Google Site connection for each of your sites.

Now you want to go to Content Type settings, and set your Google Sites account as a Primary Destination for the corresponding Content Type (Anything with an HTML or Google Doc body type).

Now you can begin creating content to send to Google Sites. When you hit publish, you will see Google Sites appear as an option for you to publish. Do so, and this will send your content over to your Google Sites.

Note: Publishing to multiple sites at once is supported.

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