Integrate With and Use Scripted in Kapost

Scripted gives you access to a network of freelance writers you can use to address any internal resourcing gaps you may have. In Kapost, you can outsource your content needs to Scripted writers and work with them without leaving your instance.  

In order to use Scripted in Kapost, you need a Scripted account.

To integrate with Scripted, go into the App Center on your Settings menu and integrate as instructed in this article.  You will find Scripted under Content Providers in the Categories section on the left hand sidebar. Kapost will ask for your API key and Customer ID.  You can find both inside your Scripted account/instance.  Once you have entered your authentication info, click "Connect."

Once Scripted is connected, anytime you create a new blog post you can use the Assigned To box to "allow Scripted to claim this content."


When you choose this option, the Scripted job request form you configured in your Scripted instance will pop up for you to fill out.  Complete this form to request a Scripted writer to complete this content.  When the form is completed, the "Assign Author" smart task will be reassigned to Scripted.

Once a Scripted writer claims the content, the Assign Author task checks itself off and the Submit smart task is assigned to Scripted indicating that Scripted is drafting the content.

Once the Scripted writer submits the content to Kapost, you will see the content in Kapost.  If you like the content as is, go to Scripted menu above the content and click "Approve."  

If you would like the author to make revisions, you can click the Request Revisions button and add your comments in the box that pops up.  Your comments will be sent to the writer and the writer will resubmit the content to Kapost again.

PLEASE NOTE:  You are only allowed one round of revisions when working with Scripted in Kapost

Once revisions have been sent back, use the Scripted drop down menu to "Approve" or "Reject" the post.

If you approve the post, it will close out the job in Scripted, and ready the post in Kapost for publishing.  If you reject the post, it will close out the job in Scripted, and the post will be archived in Kapost.

If you have any questions or feedback about our integration with Scripted, please feel free to write us at

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