Syncing Kapost Content with Salesforce Objects

If you would like to keep track of your Kapost content within Saleforce, it is possible to sync content and custom fields in Kapost to objects and fields in SFDC using Kapost's syncing tool.  This way, Kapost data goes into SFDC automatically.

If you have an SalesForce connection in your App Center, a "Syncing" page will automatically appear in your Settings menu on the left navigation bar. 

To create a sync, click "create a new sync."  When the sync editor appears, first choose what object in Salesforce you would like to sync with what content type in Kapost.  You may need to create custom objects in SFDC for this purpose.  In the example below, Niraj is making it so that any Blog Post created in Kapost will be synced with "Niraj's Custom Object" in Salesforce.

Now, every time a blog post is created in Kapost, a "Niraj's Custom Object" will appear in Salesforce.  

Next, specify which fields in Kapost you would like to sync with which fields in Salesforce.  The top menu is for SFDC fields, and the bottom menu is for Kapost.  In the example below, we are syncing Title, Personas, Buying Stages and Kapost ID.  Make sure you sync a Title or some other way to identify your posts!

Note:  You MUST sync the Post ID field in Kapost with an external id custom field in your SFDC object.  To do so, create a new custom field in your custom object and enable the External Id attribute on the field.  In our Custom Object, which again is named Niraj's Custom Object, we have created a custom field called Kapost ID.  


This custom field MUST have the box next to External ID checked off - you can do this by clicking on that custom field and clicking "Edit," then checking off the box labeled "External ID."

Again, make sure that this custom field, whatever you decide to name it, is synced with Post ID.

Last, you need to specify the Syncing Rules.  It is best to have both boxes checked.


Now, whenever I create a blog post in my Kapost instance, it will automatically be synced with a Niraj's Custom Object in my Salesforce instance. The Kapost fields I specified will be synced with Saleforce fields in that object, making it easy for you to keep track of relevant information in your posts.

As you can see, this pieces of content...

...has been synced with this object in Salesforce.


If you have any questions or feedback about this feature, don't hesitate to email us at

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