Integrate with and Publishing to your Jive Personal Profile

Kapost allows its users to publish to their Jive communities using personalized connections configured within users' profiles.  This is useful for companies who have many users needing to publish to Jive and want to prevent on users from publishing content as another.  

First, make sure that you have a generic Jive connection set up in the App Center.  Read this article to know how to do this. Please note, we integrate with Jive 7 and up.

Add your generic Jive connection as a primary destination to the content type you will use to publish to Jive.

Next, go to your profile and click the "edit profile" button in the top right corner.  Scroll down to Connections and click "Connect to Jive."  When the pop-up appears, fill out your personal Jive authentication info.  You do not need to fill out the custom API.  Click "connect."

After you've clicked "connect," click "edit" on your new Jive connection and choose which blog you would like to be able to post to.  Click "save."


If you wish to connect to another blog, click the "connect to Jive" button in your profile again and repeat the above steps, this time adding a different blog at the end.

Now, when you publish, you can select your chosen blogs, posted by your own persona, or you can pick your company's generic connection.

Note, If you are an admin and want contributors to have this ability to publish content directly to Jive, go to the App Center in your settings menu and make sure that publishing is enabled for contributors:

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