Adobe Analytics (BETA)

Kapost has integrated with Adobe Analytics to allow you to view your Adobe Analytics page view, unique page view, and referral metrics directly in Kapost.  To enable this integration, you will need to make a couple of configuration changes in both Kapost and your Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Settings

  • Log into the Adobe Marketing Cloud (

  • Once logged in, navigate to  In the left hand menu, click on Developer Tools and then Applications.



  • In the Applications section, create a new application with the following settings:
    • Application Type: Client Credentials
    • Suggested Application Name: Kapost Plug-In
    • Organization (Company): Select your company/business unit from the drop down
    • Scope: Report, Company

  • After clicking create, record your Application ID and Application Secret


Kapost Settings

  • Navigate to the Kapost Settings/General page and confirm Analytics are enabled.  
  • Next, navigate the Kapost Settings/App Center page and click on the Install more apps button.
  • From the Kapost App Center, install Adobe Analytics.

  • In the resulting connection settings pop up, name your application and provide your Application ID and Application Secret

  • Once Adobe Analytics is connected to Kapost, click on the "edit" link within the connection to specify the reporting suites you want included in your connection (bascially choose the reporting suites that will contain the metrics for the content you are producing in Kapost).

  • After clicking save, Kapost will display your Adobe Analytic page view, unique page view, and referral metrics for any content published (if manually publishing, you will need to ensure the published URL in Kapost matched the URL of the content on the live site) from Kapost to one of the properties you connected to above.  You can view it on the Stats section of the Content page. Note, for any content published to reporting suites NOT listed in your Adobe Analytics connection, Kapost will not display metrics.

Additional Notes

  • Once you establish your Adobe Analytics connection, Kapost will only back-fill 6 months of data and then capture Adobe Analytics metrics on your content from that point forward. 
  • If the URL for a piece of content on a your site does not match the URL we have in Kapost, we will not be able to pull in Adobe Analytics metrics for that piece of content.
  • There may be a 1-2 day lag while your analytics in Kapost catch up to your analytics in Adobe.
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