Decoding WordPress Errors

This article is meant to help you troubleshoot if you encounter an error when publishing to WordPress.  This could happen for a variety of reasons.  Here are the most common:

"Failed to update the connection to your site.  HTTP-Error: 404 Not Found"

If you get this error, it is because the endpoint (aka the URL) you have entered in Settings - App Center is having a problem.  Please re-check what you've entered.  Note: a common problem is to put the "/wp-admin" in the URL in Settings.  You do not need this part.  Another reason for this error is if you're WordPress site is installed in a different directory on your server (for example a "/blog" or "/wp" directory).  If this is the case, you could try instead of the core URL. 

"Name or service not known"

This is usually due to a connectivity error on your blog.  If you have been publishing correctly prior to receiving this error, then it is likely just a temporary glitch and things will go back to working correctly soon.  Just wait a few minutes and try again. 

Wrong content-type (received 'text/html' but expected text/xml') 

There are two reasons for this error.  The first is that another plugin is interfering with our publishing. The second is more common and this is due to WordPress being out of memory.  This usually happens to a large image upload.  The size of an image varies for each WordPress instance depending on how much memory is allocated for it.  Usually if you remove a large image and try to publish again, it should work.   

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