Saved View Best Practice - Keep Task names Consistent

One Comprehensive Calendar View - Keep Task names Consistent

Keeping your task names consistent will enable you to easily create calendar views that represent that step in the workflow. For example, to have one calendar view that displays the go live or publish date for all of your content across the board, you'll want one consistent task across all content types that represents that date. If your tasks aren't consistent, they will be harder to find and add to a calendar view and it's likely something will be missed.

Most commonly, customers build editorial calendar views.  To build these calendars, they use one workflow step to represent that content is "done".  We see the following  examples below for the final deadline:

  • Publish or Mark as Complete
  • Go Live
  • Completion Deadline

In addition to an editorial calendar, you may want to have one naming convention for any other task in your workflows that you want a single comprehensive calendar view for.  Examples include:

  • Legal Review
  • Send to Design

Naming tasks consistently to represent these steps allows you to create a calendar that shows key handoffs and collaboration dates.  

To create a saved view go to your calendar. Click on the filter button, click "Add Tasks and Milestones", click on the content tasks dropdown, select "Content Tasks" start typing the name of your task and select it.



The task will be listed under the "Shared Tasks" section. “Shared Tasks” means that the task is listed in multiple content type workflows, not necessarily ALL content type workflows. Once you select the task, you can save the view by typing in the text box at the top that says "Unsaved View". Title the view, and if you wish to share with everyone in your instance, check the box that says "Share with everyone" Then click "Create" Note: You can only share the view with everyone if you are an admin or editor.



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