Thumbnail Images for Gallery: Default or Upload

Gallery thumbnails display a small image for every content asset that appears in the Kapost Gallery. Thumbnail images originate from the content asset, or a default placeholder image is used for the content asset. Image size 270w x 95h pixels will display the best.

How are Default Thumbnail Images Created?  

You always have the ability to manually upload and refresh the gallery thumbnail image for every asset (see below), but Kapost will automatically try to create one for you.  Here is an outline of the rules on how Kapost creates default Thumbnails.  

The method by which a thumbnail is automatically generated for an asset depends on the body type of each asset. The body type is determined in the settings area under Content Types & Workflow by your admin. 

For videos, their publish destination is the deciding factor for the thumbnail that will display in the gallery. 
HTML Body Type
For assets with an HTML body type the thumbnail is generated from images in the body in Kapost. If there is an image marked as "Featured," that is the image that will be used. Learn how to make an image "Featured" here. If there is no Featured image, the first image in the body will be used. If there is no image in the body in Kapost, no thumbnail will be generated.

Document Body Type
For assets with a Document body type, the gallery can generate thumbnails for PDFs but not for other document types (e.g., Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint). If there is a PDF at the Publish URL, the thumbnail is generated from that published document. If there is no PDF at the publish URL, no thumbnail will be generated.  Please note, a new thumbnail is triggered only when a new URL is generated, and it only generates from a primary URL.

Video Body Type
For assets with a Video body type, content will only show a thumbnail if (1) its publishing URL is on, and (2) its publishing destination is either YouTube or "Unknown" (meaning no publishing destination was set at the time when the content was marked as published). All other videos (e.g., an mp4 uploaded to Kapost but not published to YouTube or published to Brightcove) will not show a thumbnail. 

All Other Body Types
All other assets with different body types will not have a thumbnail unless you upload an image for each asset. Learn how to do so here. 
Thumbnails are generated when a post is published or when the Publish URL is updated. To force the gallery to regenerate a thumbnail for an asset, you must update the Publish URL. For most posts that have been previously published, that means (1) updating the URL (and saving) to something fake just to trigger the thumbnail regeneration and (2) updating the URL back to the real Publish URL.

Steps to Upload a Gallery Thumbnail Image In Studio:
1. In Studio from the left navigation menu select the Content Catalog icon.
2. From the Content Catalog select the content asset to examine.
3. Locate and expand the Gallery section of the content asset details page.

To upload a new image, select browse. Navigate the document selection window to locate the desired image to upload. Click Open. Refresh the gallery display to see the new image appear for the thumbnail.

Steps to Upload a Thumbnail Image In Gallery:

  1. In Gallery Settings, make sure you are in the All Content Section. 
  2. Select the settings icon on the content asset to examine.
  3. Scroll down to the Thumbnail section and select Browse.
  4. Navigate the document selection window to locate the desired image to upload. 
  5. Click Open. 
  6. Refresh the gallery display to see the new image appear for the thumbnail.


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