Overview: Navigating the Calendar

The calendar tool allows you to create calendar views of any important workflow dates related to content or initiatives. These dates can then be shared with important stakeholders.  Once shared, dates automatically update as your team using the Kapost Studio to manage their workflows.  This is a great way to communicate publish dates and an editorial calendar that never gets outdated.

This information can be viewed based on a daily, weekly, or monthly time frame. 

The Kapost Calendar contains the following areas you can navigate. Click the hyper links to see more specific information than the overview below. 

Quick Tips: Kapost Calendar Value Adds 

  • Drag and drop workflow tasks to quickly reposition and update the deadline date. Repositioning tasks directly impact workflow task deadlines.
  • Share Calendar Views for external consumption. 
  • Export Calendar Views from Kapost to directly import them into a separate calendaring system.

Learn more about editing and previewing the calendar here

Calendar View Dropdown
The default view for the calendar is named All Content Tasks. This view name displays in the Calendar View drop down menu. 

This view is designed to display every workflow task with a date for all content assets and initiatives.

Use the dropdown menu to select other views created by Admins and Editors in your Kapost instance.  The Eye icon symbolizes that it is a global view, viewable by all users. 

Learn how to create calendar views here. Learn about calendar view best practices here

Quick Tips: Viewing Assets on the Calendar

The workflow tasks, contained in individual tiles, are listed in order of date and time.

The tasks with strike-through text represent tasks that have been checked off in the workflow.

The blue hyperlinked text is the title of the content or initiative asset and it may be truncated due to space limitations.

The icon represents the content asset type.

The tile sidebar color represents available legend filters.

Clicking an asset tile will display a preview window with details about the workflow task.  

Dragging an asset tile to a different calendar location will change the workflow deadline date.

See our Getting Started with Kapost Recorded Webinar to get familiar with Kapost and learn about: 

  • Kapost Vocabulary
  • Navigating Kapost
  • Working with Ideas
  • Creating and Managing Content & Campaigns
  • Using the Kapost Calendar 


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