Create Calendar Views

Creating calendar views allow you to communicate key dates both internally inside of Kapost and externally using the share URL.  Some great calendar views include:

The Editorial “Go Live” Calendar:

This is our most popular calendar.  Display your “go live” or “publish” dates on all of your content.  Communicate what content will be available and when to relevant stakeholders.

The Initiative Calendar:

Display key dates (such as initiative beginning and end) for your initiative and anytime updates are made in Kapost they are immediately reflected on the calendar to all relevant stakeholders.  

The Visibility Calendar on Specific Workflow Tasks:

Display a key date that represents a handoff to specific team such as create services or legal.  Allows these teams to anticipate their workload and together you can set expectations on SLA’s and turn-around times.  

The Events Calendar

Display key event dates so that the entire team knows when your organization is in the field.  Multi day events are reflected on the calendar as a span across days.  Create saved views of regional or corporate events and share with appropriate stakeholders.

The External Calendar

For key stakeholders that do not have access to Kapost you can communicate key dates using the external calendar.  Share key dates via URL or embed calendar views in internal sites.  Provide context and continuity to other teams, showcasing the great work and agreed-upon deadlines your team is managing while executing on content.


You can create a calendar view to filter the workflow tasks that display in the calendar. The default calendar view is titled All Content Tasks. Use this view as the source view for creating additional views. The default calendar view, All Content Tasks, displays in the Calendar View drop down menu. The Eye symbol  identifies a view that has been shared publicly with all Kapost members. Views without the eye symbol are only visible to the member that created the view. Views may not display immediately as they need time to populate. Members with Admin privileges can delete views from the Calendar View drop down.

Before you create a calendar view, you will want to filter the calendar to narrow your search for specific deadlines. 

Steps to create and save a calendar view:
1. From the left navigation menu, select the Calendar icon.
2. Select the filter icon
3. Select the filtering option Add Tasks and Milestones
4. Specify the tasks and milestones using the available drop down menus
5. Select the filtering option Add Filters
6. Specify the appropriate filters using the available drop down menus
7. Select the Calendar view drop down menu field.
8. Replace the label Unsaved View with the desired name for the calendar view. Calendar view names can contain letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces
9. Select the option Share view with everyone if desired.
10. Select the Create button.

Note the following:

  • The creator of the view being modified will see an update button instead of the Create button.
  • Update allows the owner of the view to modify the view.
  • To create a new view from a modified view a new name is required.
  • Entering a new name and clicking the Update button will result in a new calendar view being created.

Click the hyperlink to see other helpful documents on the Kapost Calendar

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