Smart Deadlines

Smart Deadlines
Smart deadlines are established to save time and automate a workflow. A "smart deadline" is a deadline date that is relative to another task in the workflow. It can be set either before or after the completion or deadline of the other task.

For example: Blog posts are always promoted 1 day after the publication deadline. This means that the Promotion task deadline will automatically populate with a deadline date that is 1 day after the Publication task deadline date. Deadline dates are only calculated based on Monday-Friday business days.

Steps to assign a smart deadline to a task:

  1. Go to Settings: Content Types and Workflow or Initiative Types and Workflow on the side navigation menu
  2. ​Hover over the task for which a smart deadline is being created
  3. Click the Edit icon (Pencil)
  4. Click the Select a Date button
  5. Input the number of days or hours
  6. Select Before or After
  7. Select Completion or Deadline Completion=when the task is actually checked off Deadline=when the task is scheduled to be checked off You cannot choose completion unless the smart deadline is set to “After” the completion of the task
  8. Select the task to which the smart deadline is relative to
  9. Click Save

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