Settings: Content Types and Workflow Tab

Templates for different types of content can be created from the content types and workflow tab in settings. Configuring Content Types and Workflows includes steps for establishing the content details and the tasks within the workflow.

Begin by hovering over the settings wheel on the left navigation bar. Click Content Types and Workflow. Select Add New Content Type or Select the Pencil Icon for the content type you'd like to modify. 

The content details includes defining:

  • Display name Name describing the new content type
  • Field name Custom post-type for integrations
  • Body type Default Kapost body types
  • Primary publishing destination Integrations that are already established
  • Promotion destination(s) Integrations that are already established
  • Allowed publisher(s) Includes role, group, or member name choices
  • Custom fields Metadata fields that must already exist in custom field repository
Each task is a step in the workflow. Tasks and statuses can be added, removed, and edited in settings as well as on individual assets. Workflow tasks or statuses display on the calendar and trigger notifications.
Do not set dates for the tasks in a workflow at this time. Dates are assigned to a task on the individual asset page. Smart deadlines, or tasks deadlines that will be assigned automatically, can be designated at this point. An example would be that all publishing tasks are due 2 days after completion.

Establishing the workflow can include:
  • Identifying task or status names
  • Identify Users responsible for tasks
  • Identifying start tasks
  • Identifying smart deadlines
To delete a content type click the trashcan icon next on the appropriate content type. Be careful not to delete existing content. Please consult your Kapost CSM for the best way to consolidate content types. 

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