Copy Content Between Child Instances

If you are an organization with multiple "child" Kapost interfaces under your "parent" Kapost interface, you may need to copy content from one child interface to another. 

To do this, you need to be in your Organizational "Parent" Instance. Go to the content tab, and select the pieces of content that you would like to make a duplicate of in a child interface where it does not yet exist.  To filter by the different instances in your Org, click on the filter button on the right hand side.

Then click the "content details" tab. Scroll down to filter by instance.

Select the content assets you would like to copy over. Click the "Bulk Actions" button then select "Copy to Instance"

A window will appear, allowing you to choose which instances you would like to copy the content to. Click Copy and you will see the window below. 

You can close the window while the copy is in progress. The content will flow into the content tab of the selected child instances.

Please note:

To ensure the content is moved over to the correct Content Type you must configure the Content Type in the other child instances with the exact same criteria:

  • Display Name (Content Type Title)
  • Field name
  • Body type

If configured correctly, the items below will be automatically brought over:

  • Custom fields
  • Author
  • The user copying content will be assigned as the creator of the content.
  • Attachments
  • Asset will be put into the correct Content Type
  • Excerpts
  • Idea description (if applicable) - If you try to click on the hyperlink it will take you nowhere because the idea does not exist in Kapost

Content asset items that must be manually brought over:

  • Previous versions of documents in the body (must download all and upload in correct order) (Version update date will be the date that you upload)
  • Published URL - must be published manually then update the URL (Published On date will be the date that you republish)
  • Workflow tasks
  • Workflow task owners
  • Workflow deadlines
  • Must put the content in the correct initiative. *Must create the initiative in new instance to be able to assign it.

Other items that must manually brought over:

  • Initiatives (details, metadata, attachments, content asset in that initiative)
  • Ideas (The idea will be at the top of content but you cannot hyperlink to the idea as it does not copy over)
  • All configurations (1st step is to manually configure one instance into the other to enable copying or bulk uploading)
  • Publishing Destinations (must re-connect)
  • Promotional Destinations (must re-connect)
  • Custom Reports must be built again
  • Saved Views must be built again

Content items that do not copy over:

  • Activity feed
  • All promotions of an asset
  • Insights/content performace
  • Production analytics
  • Created On Date
  • Last updated date 
  • Last person to update
  • Gallery images
  • Categories
  • Gallery Configurations


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