Add Members To An Org

The Kapost Organization feature allows you to have one major Organization "parent" view (an aggregate read-only view) and multiple "children" instances that act as stand-alone Kapost instances. The Organization view allows you to see all your "children's" activity, aggregate members, aggregate analytics and aggregate editorial calendar.

Each instance can have three different type of users: Contributors, Editors and Admins.  Organizations can also have Contributors, Editors and Admins. If you're a member of the Organization that means you can seamlessly jump to all your "children" and be members of all the children. If you prefer certain people only be members of "children", simply go to that child instance and invite them only to that one. This allows for more flexibility around who sees what.

If a user is added as a member of a child instance, that member can only view content within that instance.  If a user is added as a member of an Organization instance, that user will be able to access that Organization and any child instance.  If a user is added as a contributor in the Organization, they will be able to login and access any child instance as a contributor and the same behavior applies if they are added to the organization as an editor or admin.

First, go to the Organizational instance that you would like to add a new member to. Go to the global navigation symbol on the top right side of the instance and click members.

Click "Add Members" on the left.

Add the email addresses of the members you would like to add and send an invite. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma. Click Send Invitation(s). A status bar at the top will notify you that all invitations were sent successfully. 

Items to Note:

Org level members cannot create or edit content within the Org Instance. Content creation only happens in the child instances. 

When invited, Org members automatically become members of all the Child instances, and can access all child instances. To limit the child instances they can access, they must accept, then you can manage their membership. To manage their membership:

  1. Go to the members page again
  2. Click the checkbox next to the member
  3. Click the Membership Actions Drop Down Menu
  4. Click Manage Membership
  5. Unsure they have the correct role
  6. Select the child instances they should be a part of
  7. Click Done

Add a member to the child instance only

To add users to a child instance only, go to the child instance and follow instructions in this article: adding a new member to any instance.

If a user is added to a child instance only, this member will only has access to that specific child instance rather than multiple instances in the greater organizational instance. 

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