Bulk Upload Members

You can bulk import your existing members by first clicking on the Add Members button in the Members tab. 

  • If you upload users this way they will be automatically added to Kapost without receiving an invite.

There will be an area for CSV Upload at the bottom. Click the upload button and select the CSV file.

The CSV file you upload should have a header row as the first row followed by one row for each member.  

These are the fields you can supply. Your header row should match the field names below.

  • Email: Required. This is what your member will use to login.
  • Password: Optional. If not provided, we'll generate a random password. The member can click on "Forgot Password" in the sign in dialog to generate a new password.
  • Name: Optional. If this is not provided, we'll use the first part of the user's email address.
  • Bio: Optional.
  • Role: Optional. This allows you to specify which role you’d like the uploaded users to have once they're added to Kapost. Learn about the different member roles here

You can upload members of different roles within the same upload. Specify 'Role' as a separate column at the end of your CSV.  


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