Create a Tumblr Content Type

This is how to make a Tumblr content type for your text posts, videos, and photo sets.  To learn how to make a Tumblr Photo content type, go here.

  1. Create a new Content Type under Content Types and Workflow on the Settings page
  2. Set the Body Type to HTML
  3. Add Tumblr as a Primary Destination
  4. Click Save Changes

You can publish HTML (normal blog), videosphoto galleries. Click on the corresponding link to learn how to publish to each content type.


  • Users who might need to rearrange their content on their Tumblr site can delete content from Tumblr and then republish it from Kapost.  Simply delete the post from Tumblr, find the same post in Kapost, republish it, and the republished content will appear where new content usually appears in your Tumblr instance.
  • Users who want to publish content to Tumblr but don't want to make it public can publish content to Tumblr as private.  To do so, create a custom drop down field, set the field name to "kapost_tumblr_private_state," add the values Yes and No to the custom field, and add the custom field to your Tumblr content type.  When you publish the content and want to mark it private, simply select "Yes" in the drop down (if you don't select Yes, the default is to mark it public).
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