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Your Kapost calendar can be exported to other commonly used calendar programs - Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook.  The exported calendar is based on your saved views. To export the desired view, click the Export Calendar button to the right of the dropdown menu. 

When you click the export calendar button your will have a few options.

  • Desktop Calendars - This will export a saved file.
  • Web Calendars - This will create a subscription to your Kapost calendar.
  • Export as a .CSV

Considerations for Calendars When Downloading or Exporting as a CSV:

  • The calendar will be static when you download it to a desktop calendar or export it as a CSV. In other words, the calendar will only show the deadlines in the current saved view. If you make change to that view in Kapost, they will not be reflected in the previously downloaded or exported CSV calendar.
  • If you download the calendar, deadlines will only display from the day you download through the day you download + one month. In other words, the deadline range will be 1 month starting from the day you download.

Considerations When Subscribing to a Web Calendar:

  • If the deadlines or events are moved or changed on the calendar, it will update automatically on the subscribed calendar. In that regard, the calendar is in real time.
  • If the saved view is changed in Kapost, the URL of the calendar you originally subscribed to will be out of date. At this point you will have to deleted the calendar you originally subscribed to and re-subscribe in Kapost to get the new URL of the newly saved view.
  • If you subscribe to the calendar, deadlines will only display from the day you subscribe through the day you download + one month. In other words, the deadline range will be 1 month starting from the day you subscribe to the calendar.
  • Events will disappear as soon as the external calendar "refreshes" and requests data from the 'subscribed calendar URL'. The timing on this depends, on the external calendar software being used.


Steps to export the calendar to iCal or another desktop calendar:

Click the 'Download' button next to 'For Desktop Calendars'

The calendar view will be auto-downloaded. Open the downloaded item and iCal will add a new event, then ask you which calendar you would like to add it to:


Select OK and this will add the calendar to your iCal.

This is what the above Kapost Calendar looks like in iCal:

To Subscribe to a Web Calendar

Click 'Subscribe' Next to 'For Web Calendars'

When clicked you will be prompted to copy and paste a URL into your web calendar. 

If you are using Google Calendar, go there and select the drop down for other calendars and click 'Add by URL'

Paste the calendar URL that you copied from Kapost (CTRL + V or CMD + V) in the URL field of the pop up then click 'Add Calendar.'  You will then see Kapost as a calendar under Other Calendars.  This is what the above Kapost calendar looks like in Google Calendar:



If you use Outlook Online:

Go though the same process but Copy and paste the URL in Outlook. Go to your Outlook and choose "calendar" next to the Outlook logo at the top left.


Select 'Import' in the tool bar:

Next, select 'Subscribe' and fill in the url and name of the Kapost calendar you are exporting.


Once you have subscribed you will see this calendar appear in your Outlook.  This is what the above Kapost calendar looks like in Outlook:

  Paste the

If you use Outlook Desktop Calendar:

Choose your view and click on the export icon on the Kapost calendar.



Since you are importing the Kapost calendar to a desktop calendar, click "Download" to download the calendar to your computer.


Open up Outlook.  It's possible that the calendar will have already downloaded as another view in your Calendar page.  If not, go to your calendar in Outlook.  Click "File" on the top navigation bar.


On the page that appears, click "Open & Export."


When the pop-up appears, choose "Import an iCalendar or vCalendar." Choose your calendar.


After you've chosen your downloaded calendar, Microsoft will ask if you want to open it as a new calendar or simply import it - choose the first option, unless you'd like to use the Kapost calendar as your main calendar in Outlook.


Your Kapost calendar will now appear in your Outlook calendar!

Export as a CSV File

Click, "Export as CSV" and you will see a message appear telling you that you will receive an email with your calendar file shortly. You can close this window and proceed with other to dos as you wait. 

The CSV file will include all content that appears on your calendar with your chosen filters.  The fields that export are Date, Type, Content Title, Initiative, Task Name, Milestone name, and Owner.

If you have any questions about exporting your calendar, please contact your CSM. 

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