Create an Initiative and use Initiative Templates

To create an initiative you provide the necessary information to describe the initiative, you specify the custom field values, and add content. This document will provide the detailed steps for creating an initiative.

  1. Select Create  from the top navigation menu, then select Initiative.
  2. Select Next.
  3. Enter an Initiative title.
  4. Select the Initiative type from the initiative type dropdown menu.
  5. Enter the start and end date/time values for the initiative.
  6. Click Create. The message below will display. 

To edit the initiative click the hyperlink View this Initiative or go to the initiative tab and click on the initiative title.

Select the option (selecting an initiative template) to add an initiative template to the initiative.

1. To view all assets included in the template, click View All.

2. Select Apply in the template that should be added to the initiative. Note that you can add any template to any initiative type.

Adding the assets to the initiative may take some time when there are many assets to create. Be patient.

3. Confirm the addition of the assets.

The assets will display in the Initiative view. 

4. Add more content at any time using the Add Content button.

5. Enter a Content Title and select the desired content type from the dropdown menu. More content details (e.g. custom fields, workflow steps) can be edited by clicking the title of the newly added asset from the initiative page.

6. Delete any content assets from the initiative by selecting the checkbox to the left of a content asset and then selecting Delete from the Bulk Actions dropdown menu.

7. To edit the initiative select the pencil icon in the top right corner of the window. Make changes to the initiative details as needed. Click Done.

8. To Archive a completed initiative, select the pencil icon in the top right corner of the window. Click Archive. Note you can also un-archive an initiative.

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