Initiative Details Page

The Initiative Details page has a new look. The page has been simplified to include the initiative details in a collapsible/expandable view, the initiative workflow in a new tile layout, an activity feed that displays beneath the initiative workflow, and a simplified view of the content assets within the initiative. 

Selecting the More Detail button will provide information regarding the initiative owner(s), the description of the initiative, file attachments for the initiative, and custom fields specific to the initiative. Initiative attachments now display in a tile format, as opposed to a list format, which enables you to view more information about each attachment. 

The options to delete (trash can icon) or edit (pencil icon) an initiative appear on the right side of the initiative details page. Initiatives can be created without all of the initiative details so the edit icon is used to update the information at a later time.

The initiative workflow now displays tasks in a tile view. The options to edit, delete, or set a timer appear within the task tile. Selecting an icon will expand the task to display the additional options for editing a task or setting a timer. To assign an owner to a task you use the available Owner(s) pull down menu.

To assign a deadline for the task you can specify either a fixed deadline date/time or a smart deadline based on some other task. Once you enter the updated task information you must save the changes. You can also add tasks to the default initiative workflow by selecting Add Task. Once the new task is created you can reposition it in the task list by dragging and dropping the tile.

The activity feed is used to leave comments or @mention another Kapost member. All activity that appears within an initiative also displays on the Kapost dashboard. Note that you cannot see initiative level activity at the individual content asset level. All activity using @mention will trigger an email notification to the person designated unless that person has email notification turned off. 

The content assets associated with the initiative appear below the initiative viewing menu bar. Twenty-five Content assets will appear in the listing of content assets. When more than 25 assets exist you will need to scroll to subsequent page displays. Each content asset provides information that includes the name of the task, the next task due for the content asset workflow, the date the next task is due, and the owner of the next task. To the right of the content asset name you will see the icon representing in-production or complete status. The complete status displays as a green checkmark within a circle. Hovering over the icon will display the status.

Selecting the Ideas tab from the initiative viewing menu bar will display all ideas submitted, approved, or rejected for this specific initiative. New ideas can be created from this display by selecting the Add Idea button and completing the information required.

Selecting the Analytics tab from the initiative viewing menu bar will display initiative statistics. You can gain information on the social sharing that has occurred relative to the initiative assets, the number of assets accessed via the Gallery, the number of downloads, and the number of assets that have been accessed using an external web link. Using the Date range options to specify a specific date range that can filter the stats.


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