Initiative Tabs: Details, Content, Ideas, and Analytics

What Is This Feature?

The four tabs you see at the top of an initiative page enable you to view and update an initiative’s details, content, ideas, and analytics.  


Each tab toggles you to a section that helps you execute the initiative:

  • Details: This section is where you update important background information for your initiative such as its start and end date, owner(s), and relevant custom fields. This information ensures finding and reporting on initiatives is super easy! You also interact with the initiative’s workflow from this tab.
  • Content: The Content section shows a list of all the pieces of content in an initiative and provides at-a-glance details like content stage and the next task up in the content workflow. Click through to the content from this list, and complete bulk actions to the content in this list.
  • Ideas: The Ideas tab displays the ideas that were submitted and approved, or rejected, for the initiative. You can also add new ideas for content for the initiative in this section.
  • Analytics: The Analytics tab displays data for compete initiatives in Kapost. The data here provides insights around the content in an initiative such as social channel shares and content downloads.

How It Helps

Together, an initiative’s details, content, ideas, and analytics make up the critical information and material needed to successfully execute your team’s strategic and thematic campaigns in Kapost.

Quickly navigate between sections by clicking on the appropriate tab for the information or material you need to be working on. You’ll remain in the same initiative in Kapost when you’re in any of its four tabs (navigating between the tabs won’t take you away from the initiative you’re working on).

Best Practices

  • Go to the Details tab and complete the information in this section when you first create an initiative. It’s important to apply the right custom fields, or tags, to an initiative as soon as possible in order to lay the foundation for the campaign’s purpose and objectives.
  • Keep creative and/or campaign briefs here to provide teams with context as they move forward in executing the initiative.
  • Because of the key at-a-glance information it provides, the Content tab is where most team members will operate as an initiative is executed. Sort the list of content found in this section by Next Task Deadline to see what your team members are working on next and when that task is due to be completed by.
  • Use the data in Analytics tab only after your initiative has been marked as complete. Review this data over time to monitor how the content in the initiative performs after it’s published, and use this insight to identify content that could be repurposed in the future.
  • When you’re looking at the Ideas tab for an initiative, while a rejected idea might not have been a good fit for the current initiative, archive it for later use if the idea might serve another initiative, or approve the idea and assign the content to the correct initiative.

How It Works

Navigate to the right section by clicking on the associated tab at the top of the initiative page you’re viewing.


Initiative Details provide background and context for the strategic or thematic campaigns you and your team are executing in Kapost. Your initiative-level activity feed and workflow also are found here. The details you apply to your initiative help keep your team members aligned on the initiative’s purpose and objectives.

The Details section contains information and supporting material specific to the initiative. You can edit and add to the information in this section any time as you execute the initiative:

  • Title
  • Start and end dates
  • Stage
  • Owner(s)
  • Description
  • Attachments
  • Custom fields



An initiative’s Content tab is the section that shows all the pieces of content that make up the initiative and provides at-a-glance details including content stage, the next task up in the content workflow and its owner(s), and when that task is scheduled to be completed by.

This section allows you to click through to content you are creating. When your team is executing an initiative, team members involved will likely be in the Content tab section most of time to access the content they’re working on.


The green Add Content button appears in this tab. Use this when you need to create new content to add to the initiative or need to add existing content to the initiative.


You can complete bulk actions to the content in this list. Select the checkbox by the content’s title to apply an action to one or multiple pieces of content in an initiative, including deleting content from the initiative, adding field tags, and duplicating the content.

(Note that deleting or archiving an initiative does not delete or archive the content in the initiative.)


The Sort By dropdown menu gives you the option to sort the list of content by stage, title, next task deadline, created date, and updated date.



The Ideas tab is an area where you can add new Ideas for content that could be valuable as part of the initiative.  


The Ideas tab will also display all the ideas submitted, approved, and rejected for the initiative.



The Analytics tab section displays initiative data only after an initiative has been marked as complete in Kapost.

This section will provide statistics on the social channel sharing that has occurred relative to the initiative assets, the number of the initiative’s content accessed via the Gallery, the number of content downloads, and the number of pieces of content that comprise the initiative that have been accessed using an external web link.

You can customize the date range for your initiative’s Analytics tab to specify a timeframe for the data.


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