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The content tab in settings is where you can turn on features relating to content functionality, visibility, and your CMS connection. Please note: Only Admins can access the settings area of Kapost.

To get to this tab, click on the Content Tab under the settings area of the side navigation are on the left. Check any box to turn that feature on.



Excerpts: The Excerpts feature makes it so that a small HTML field will appear below your content title, allowing you to specify an excerpt from your post that will appear on you blog post's preview.

Featured Image: Check the featured image box if you would like to be able to upload or choose an image to feature on your blog post preview. You can do this as an attachment or on the post itself by clicking the star that appears when hovering over the top left corner of a picture on your post.

Tags: Checking the "Tags" feature will allow you to create searchable tags for your content directly on your post.

Use Initiatives: This feature should be automatically checked for your instance, but essentially it opens up the initiatives section in your instance, which allows you to group content into projects that follow a theme or take place in a specific time frame.  You can make initiatives mandatory if they are an important part of your process - this will prompt Kapost to remind your users to add a initiatives to their posts before they save.

Use Personas and Buying Stages: Checking this box unlocks the Personas and Buying Stages section of your instance, which allows you to categorize your content according to the various people and situations you are aiming your product towards. Like initiatives, this box should be checked by default and you have the option to make Personas and Buying stages mandatory.

Galleries: Photo galleries, not to be mistaken for the Kapost Gallery, are picture slideshows that you can add directly to your blog post from Kapost.

Use Sequential ID for content: Check the box that says Use sequential ID for content to make Kapost assign a number to all content assets. A number will be assigned in sequential order of when the content was created. In other words, Content ID numbers are assigned chronologically, based on their content creation order.

Use <p> instead of <br> for new lines in text editor: By default, Kapost uses line breaks when you hit "enter" in the text editor to move to another line.  Some people would prefer the text editor to skip two lines when "enter" is it - if this is the case for you, you should check the box and Kapost will use the paragraph tag instead of the line break tag on the backend of your posts.

Allow marketing automation send test email: This is for your Eloqua, Pardot or Marketo integration - it allows you to send test emails from Kapost.


You can see an area below the features section, called Visibility. This is where you can choose to make newly created content hidden from contributors OR you can also make newly created content visible to anyone in your Kapost Instance.

Please Note: If you choose the private option (First option) any contributors will lose visibility on the content they are currently assigned to.


The Categories section is overviewed in this article.

Custom Button

The custom button is explained in this article.

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