All CMS Versions that Kapost Supports

To learn about all the destinations and integrations that Kapost supports, you can visit our up-to-date apps page.

From a CMS standpoint, Kapost strives to integrate with the most used CMS' and through XML-RPC we can also connect to a custom home-grown CMS (this requires some work on both ends, but is possible).

There are some versions of the CMS Kapost simply cannot connect to because those versions don't support the standard API of sending the author byline, content, images, etc. over to the CMS from Kapost. Below you can find a list of the support versions of each CMS.

  • (Version 2.9 or higher): We connect with WordPress VIP, WordPress Multi-User and there is limited capability in terms of because they don't allow any plugins and we have a plugin to garner accurate statistics and send over the author byline. To learn more about how to setup WordPress you can review this help document.
  • Drupal (Version 6, 7 and 8): Kapost connects versions of Drupal 6 and higher. There are slightly different steps involved for each version . These articles explains step-by-step how to integrate with Drupal6, Drupal7 and Drupal8.
  • Expression Engine (2.x): You can learn more about the Expression Engine integration points and how to set that up, with this help link.
  • Adobe CQ/AEM:   To read about our integration with AEM, click here.
  • Blogger: Kapost can integrate with Blogger, but does not sync up with many of the same kinds of fields it syncs up with in Drupal and Wordpress.  You can integrate with it using the generic system described in this article.
  • Box:  To learn how to integrate with box, read this article.
  • FTP:  This article explains how to push files to your FTP Site
  • Squarespace: We can only integrate with Squarespace 5. Here is an article walking you through the integration.  Squarespace 6 has removed their XMLRPC and REST API capabilities, which is the way we connect to all CMS platforms. If this changes and the API is enabled, we can build in an integration with Squarespace 6.
  • TypePad: Kapost cannot push bylines or custom fields over to TypePad, but it can integrate with other aspects of it.  Read about how to integrate with it here.
  • Google Sites:  To read about our integration with Google Sites, click here.
  • HubSpot: Please note, Kapost only integrated with version 2 of HubSpot's API.  To learn how to integrate with HubSpot, click here.
  • Jive:  We only integrate with Jive 7, and there are other limitations to this integration as well.  Please read this integration article for more info.
  • Joomla:  Please note, Kapost only integrates with Joomla 1.5.  To learn about integrating with Joomla, read this article.
  • Moveable Type: To read more about our integration with Moveable Type, click here.
  • LifeType:  Contact your Success Manager for more info on this integration
  • ResourceSpace: Contact your CSM for more info on ResourceSpace
  • Sitecore: Contact your CSM for more info on Sitecore
  • Tumblr:  Read about our Tumblr integration here.


To learn how to publish a Google Drive Asset to a CMS, read this article.

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